Manhattan Penthouse Wedding Photographer
Susan Stripling Photography

Manhattan Penthouse Wedding Photographer

I always do my best with every wedding that I shoot to work out a timeline that best suits the day. If my clients have a wedding coordinator we usually work together to put that timing together. If my clients do no thane a coordinator then working on the day-of timeline is usually done between myself and the client directly. At this New York City wedding the timeline allowed the bride and groom enough time to stop by Washington Square for some portraits. I love the delicate, late-day light on the bride’s face. I love how the bride is holding the groom’s face. I love that the fence serves as a leading line to draw the viewer’s eye directly to the couple. Did I place the clients in that place, in that light, in that scenario? I did. Then I stepped back with my Nikon 70-200mm lens and let the moments between the two of them occur naturally.

Location: 80 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011..

Keywords: Manhattan Penthouse (12), New York City (207), Rodelph Shalom (6). 1/400; f/3.2; ISO 450; 200.0 mm.