New Haven Wedding Photographer
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New Haven Wedding Photographer

One of the things that I believe sets me apart from other wedding photographers is my ability to see a scene in a new and unique way. While walking around New Haven, Connecticut with the bride and groom during their portrait session I found a wonderful shaft of light down a dirty, unused alley way. While most photographers would walk on by and go to the park with the pretty trees and the pretty flowers I was intrigued by the strong light and knew that I had a wonderful situation to make a bridal portrait for this couple unlike anything I had made before. I asked the bride to stand directly in the shaft of light and to lift her face up to the sun. The light was so bright and the shadows were so dark that by the time I properly exposed for the bride’s face the exposure for the rest of the image became very dark. This resulted in a fantastic contrast between light and dark.

Location: 155 Temple St, New Haven, CT 06510.

Keywords: New Haven (6). 1/640; f/4.0; ISO 200; 110.0 mm.

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