New York Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographers
Susan Stripling Photography

New York Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographers

Every year I strive to add new techniques, skills, and tools to my abilities as a wedding photographer. Photography is a fascinating field because there is always something new to learn, to explore, and to master. No matter how many years I have been shooting weddings there is always more to learn and I will be striving to perfect my craft for decades to come. In the past year I have been exploring in-camera double exposures. These are not accomplished in Photoshop (nothing I do is a Photoshop trick, ever), but rather by layering two files on top of each other at the moment of capture. I love this image of the bride and groom at a 2013 wedding at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. The strong silhouette of their faces is perfectly filled in by the branches of the second exposure - one image of the couple, one of the trees.

Location: 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458-5126.

Keywords: New York Botanical Gardens (24), New York City (207), Stone Mill (24). 1/320; f/2.8; ISO 200; 62.0 mm.

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