Onteora Mountain House Wedding Photographer
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Onteora Mountain House Wedding Photographer

I had never been to the Onteora Mountain House before this 2013 wedding, and I was completely enamored of this sweet venue the second I drove up the lawn. The Onteora Mountain house is a charming bed and breakfast nestled in the Catskill Mountains, close to Woodstock. It’s a popular Hudson Valley location for destination weddings, serving up extraordinary views and unparalleled service. At this wedding the bride and groom exchanged their vows on the deck overlooking the Esopus Valley and had their wedding reception in the pavilion made of heavy timber. Before any of those things happened, however, there was the getting ready portion of the day, taking place in a cottage near the massive main house. As I walked up to the cottage to greet the bride I saw a huge shaft of light piercing one of the windows. I knew that if I wanted to use the light I would have to move - and move fast! After hugging the bride hello I took her dress into the room with the light, finding that it was actually the bathroom! I hung the dress on the wall right in the light and ran outside to get my shot before the light moved. The Nikon 24-70mm was the perfect lens choice for this photograph because it allowed me great versatility in my focal length decision. 24mm ended up being a great wide-angle perspective for this unique detail image and it’s one of my favorite dress shots of the year.

Location: 96 Piney Point Rd, Boiceville, NY 12412.

Keywords: Boiceville (6), Onteora Mountain House (6). 1/2500; f/4.0; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.