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Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

My contact page might be a little can I be a Philadelphia wedding photographer when I have a studio in Brooklyn, New York?

I split my time between Brooklyn and Haddonfield, New Jersey.  My husband and I own a home in Cherry Hill, and my Philadelphia presence is anchored in a studio in Haddonfield.  

While I do shoot many weddings in New York City, I have a deep love for Philly weddings!  I have been photographing Philly weddings since moving to the area in 2008.  That's a lot of weddings!

Philadelphia wedding locations

As a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I’m used to seeing cool things. I still swoon over City Hall. I still love the view from the top of the Art Museum steps. 

I still delight over Washington Square Park.  I love watching the sun set from Logan Circle, while looking out over the city from the roof deck at the Logan.  I love photographing a bridal party in Rittenhouse Square Park.  

I love Philly weddings so much that I even wrote a long list of best locations to take your wedding day portraits in Philadelphia

Unique Philadelphia wedding picture

I’d never seen a horse bow to a bride until I shot a certain bridal session in the summer of 2013. I had photographed this bride’s wedding at the Arts Ballroom the year prior, and we’d discussed how she wanted to have a portrait with an Andalusian stallion after her wedding. 

The bride had always ridden horses, and had a very particular vision for this bridal portrait. Not wanting to do it pre-wedding because we didn’t want to ruin her dress, we scheduled the session for the summer after her Philadelphia wedding. 

The Andalusian, also called the Pure Spanish Horse, is known for its athletic prowess and grace. The bride had a vision for her portrait of an Andalusian bowing to her, so we set off to make her vision a reality. 

Portrait of a bride with an Andalusian horse

I’d never spent time around horses myself, so I was a little nervous before the shoot. The horse trainer stayed with us the entire time, helping the Andalusian to bow before the bride. 

I chose the location for it’s exquisite lighting and unique feel, and we worked patiently over and over, trying to get the movement of bride and horse just right. 

The final result is one of my favorite bridal portraits of all time. 

Entered into the 2015 WPPI 16x20 print competition, this image received a score of an 82. I do wish the score had been higher. While an 82 is a good score, I didn’t think that it accurately reflected the degree of difficulty that it took to create this image. 

The lighting was tricky, and the subject was not exactly one that is usually found in a bridal portrait! 

Regardless of the print competition score, I know that I created an image that is important to my client. I know that she’d had it printed large, and hung in her home. 

Knowing that she sees it every day and that it makes her smile is the best award I could ask for! (…though let’s be honest, a higher print score would have been nice, too!)

If you are getting married in Philadelphia and have an unusual idea for your portraits, let's talk!  I'd love to hear what you have in mind, and work with you to tailor your wedding day photography to fit your needs perfectly!

1/400; f/4.0; ISO 500; 70.0 mm.

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