Photographer in Richland Center
Susan Stripling Photography

Photographer in Richland Center

Whenever I’m traveling for a wedding the logistics are always tricky. Where do I stay? Where do I fly into? How do I get from place to place? How do I get used to shooting in such a new location? At this wedding in Wisconsin I flew into Madison and drove out to Richland Center for the wedding. As with all travel weddings I shoot I arrived a day early - I always do this just in case there are any issues with the air travel. (Better safe than sorry!) I took the drive out to Richland Center to scope the area the day before the wedding because I knew that on the day of the event I’d be too busy to arrive super early and figure out locations for portraits. I drove from the bride’s getting ready location to the church and then back to the reception space to choose interesting locations en route. I found a huge field on the side of a road and I knew that I had my spot. The light was gorgeous and there was great visual interest in both the foreground and background of the image. I knew that I would be able to put the weeds in front of the bride and use them as leading lines stretching up to her face. I also knew that the dark tree line in the background would juxtapose nicely against the bride light. I also knew that location would allow me to use a long lens to sweetly compress the subject from the background, a look that I love in the wedding portraits that I take.

Location: Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Keywords: Richland Center (24), Wisconsin (24). 1/1000; f/4.0; ISO 250; 155.0 mm.

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