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Photographers in Richland Center

The first thing that I look for in a portrait location is the light. I want to find a great lighting source, whether natural or artificial, that I can use to illuminate my subjects. The second thing that I am looking for is a great compositional scenario including a perfect backdrop. That might be a great park with great foreground and background elements. It also could be a fantastic cityscape with a dramatic, distinctive building. The third thing that is a requirement for a great portrait is a natural, unscripted interaction between the subjects. At this outdoor wedding in Richland Center, Wisconsin, all three elements came together into one of my favorite portraits of the year. The lighting source was the setting sun over the field. The perfect background was the tall grass in dappled light. The moment between the bride and groom was sweet and natural. It was wonderful to be invited to Wisconsin to document this gorgeous at-home wedding and I can’t wait to go back and photograph the bride’s sister’s wedding this summer!

Location: Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Keywords: Richland Center (24), Wisconsin (24). 1/1250; f/4.0; ISO 250; 200.0 mm.

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