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Pine Hollow Wedding Photographers

In recent years the First Look has made a surge forward as a current trend. Is it a trend that I like? Well, that answer is multifold. I have my own personal answer and then my answer as a professional wedding photographer. As a wedding photographer my answer is that I like what my clients like. It’s my job to provide information as to why First Looks are great and why they’re not. They’re great because you get to see your future spouse before the wedding, you get to have some time alone together, we get more time for portraits of the two of you, we often get to document your family formal photographs early, and after the ceremony you get to immediately head to your cocktail hour. They’re not so great because if anything runs behind your portrait time will be what’s cut short and it often means that you need to extend coverage on your wedding day by several hours to accommodate getting ready early. Whatever my clients choose on their wedding day will be perfectly fine with me - I never want to be the wedding photographer who tells you how to script your day! Whatever you choose I’ll help you craft your schedule to make the most of our time. Personally, however? I chose to wait and see my husband when we walked down the aisle towards each other. It was one of the most defining moments of my life and one that I would not trade for anything. We had to do all of our portraits during cocktail hour but it was well worth it to me!

Location: 6601 Northern Blvd, East Norwich, NY 11732.

Keywords: East Norwich (18), long island (24), Pine Hollow Country Club (18). 1/160; f/2.8; ISO 500; 36.0 mm.