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Richland Center Wedding Photographers

When photographing weddings I am always looking for beautiful lighting. Whether it’s natural light outdoors, filtered light from a window or open door, artificial light that I create myself, or interesting found light I’m always trying to illuminate my photographs perfectly. At this wedding in Richland Center, Wisconsin, the bride was getting ready in her childhood home. She’s sitting at her parents’ kitchen table to do her makeup. I saw the perfect ring light around her makeup mirror and decided that use that as the main light in my image. I exposed for the bride’s face and simply waited until a moment occurred. The bride closed her eyes for a brief second and I knew that her peaceful, beautiful face was the photograph I was waiting for. I love the look of f/1.4 in this image. The bride is perfectly crisp and in focus while her sister in the background and the clutter on the table fade away into the distance.

Location: Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Keywords: Richland Center (24), Wisconsin (24). 1/160; f/1.4; ISO 250; 85.0 mm.