Richland Center Wedding Photos
Susan Stripling Photography

Richland Center Wedding Photos

The light in St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Richland Center, Wisconsin, is amazing. At this 2012 wedding the light was absolutely pouring through the stained glass windows. It was a gorgeous location for a wedding ceremony and after the ceremony I asked the bride and groom to linger behind for a few moments. We photographed their family formal portraits quickly and then I had a few seconds alone with the bride before we left for their reception. I asked the bride to sit in the church pew right in one of the beams of the light. I placed the veil over her face so that the light could stream through the tulle and she closed her eyes and crossed her hands. I quickly backed off with my 70-200mm lens to capture the sweet moment before it passed. I love the delicate look of her face and hands and the light in her veil.

Location: Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Keywords: Richland Center (24), Wisconsin (24). 1/400; f/2.8; ISO 640; 200.0 mm.

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