Roosevelt Hotel Wedding Photographer
Susan Stripling Photography

Roosevelt Hotel Wedding Photographer

There is something so delightfully classic about a Manhattan wedding. The Roosevelt Hotel is one of those gorgeous, iconic wedding venues that simply oozes old-world Manhattan charm. Open since 1924, the Roosevelt Hotel has thirty-three incredible suites with extraordinary light. At this 2013 wedding the bride had a gorgeous, sparkly engagement ring and fantastic sparkly Valentinos to match! I was able to use that amazing Roosevelt Hotel light to create a dynamic portrait of her ring with her shoes. Part of the success of this image is due to the lighting. Part of it is due to the composition, the careful placement of the ring in the scene. The other part is the settings and lens chosen. I often tell photographers that the gear does not make the shooter but the correct gear used correctly can help make a good photograph a great one. In this instance the lens used was the Nikon 105mm macro. It’s sharpness and clarity were a real asset when creating this image.

Location: 45 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017.

Keywords: New York City (207), Roosevelt Hotel (12). 1/400; f/9.0; ISO 4500; 105.0 mm.