Stone Mill Wedding Photographer
Susan Stripling Photography

Stone Mill Wedding Photographer

I talk often about how I feel about the "First Look" trend and what I think it means for wedding photography. I see a lot of photographers push clients to do a First Look and while that’s all well and good I don’t think it’s my job to tell you how to run your day! I am here to tell you how long it will take to shoot your list of family formals, how much time I need for certain aspects of the day, where a good place would be to put your dress on, and how to pose for a portrait. It’s not my job to tell you when and where you want to see your new spouse for the first time. It’s my job to give you the pros and cons about seeing each other before the ceremony and then let you decide on your own. This bride and groom decided to see each other before their wedding at the Stone Mill at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and it was every thing a "First Look" should be. There was anticipation. There was emotion. And there was an honest, incredible interaction that could never have been staged to be as beautiful.

Location: 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10458-5126.

Keywords: New York Botanical Gardens (24), New York City (207), Stone Mill (24). 1/640; f/4.0; ISO 500; 155.0 mm.