Tribeca 360 Wedding Photographer
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Tribeca 360 Wedding Photographer

While in the past thirteen years of being a wedding photographer I have taken photographs of engagement rings in all types of settings. Some of my favorite images have deceptively simple settings. If you look at my portfolio of wedding work you will find rings laying on glitter, near candles, and on all sorts of shiny surfaces. In this image the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band are simply sitting on the white comforter of her hotel bed at the Battery Park Ritz Carlton in Manhattan. I chose to lay the rings on top of each other on the side of the bed closest to the window. I did this because the light was strongest in this setting, and as the light fell across the bed it shifted from brightness to shadows. By doing this I ensured that the rings would be perfectly lit, but the background of this scene would be dark. I made sure that the f-stop that I chose when taking this photograph would be enough to have the entire facet of the diamond perfectly crisp and clear. This is something that a lot of photographers forget about when working with macro lenses and wedding rings. They will choose to shoot at f/3.5 of f/4 and then be confused when the entire ring is not in focus. Because of the magnification of a macro lens you have to be more careful when choosing your settings. I love this image because it is stark and simple yet tells a beautifully graphic story. When photographing engagement rings and wedding bands I always consider those images to be environmental portrait of inanimate objects, and this remains one of my favorite images of that type. I love it so much, in fact, that I made it the cover of my ThinkBook Compendium, a printed book of business, situations and solutions, equipment and gear, and photographic technique for wedding photographers!

Location: 2 Desbrosses St, New York. NY 10013.

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