Wedding Photographer at the Hotel DuPont
Susan Stripling Photography

Wedding Photographer at the Hotel DuPont

I love my husband. The love I have for him is one of the most solid core truths of my life. I absolutely love seeing this feeling and emotion in the brides and grooms that I photograph. It is beautiful to witness and simply wonderful to document. At this 2013 wedding at the lovely Hotel duPont in Wilmington, Delaware, the bride and groom chose to go to the Marian Coffin Gardens at the Gibraltar for their portrait session. This image was captured during that session. I knew that if I put the bride and groom in the right light and the right setting their natural emotions would shine through. We saw many, many other families and couples being photographed in Gibraltar Gardens that day. Most of those photographers were putting their clients in the shade and blasting them with flashes, waving around reflectors, and essentially creating an outdoor studio setting. I left the shady areas to them and guided the bride and groom into a patch of sunlight. I asked the bride to hold onto her new husband and waited until she enfolded him in her arms. I knew that I had positioned them correctly, waiting for that moment when she put her head on his shoulder and the light perfectly illuminated he face.

Location: 42 W 11th St, Wilmington, DE 19801.

Keywords: Hotel DuPont (18), Wilmington (18). 1/400; f/3.5; ISO 360; 200.0 mm.