Wedding Photographer at Mallard Yacht Club
Susan Stripling Photography

Wedding Photographer at Mallard Yacht Club

On this absolutely beautiful day at the Jersey Shore the light was perfect when photographing the bride by herself I chose to place the bride against the dark background of the trees so that when the light filtered through her veil it stood out dramatically against the deep green foliage. Often times at weddings I will take images like this in the midst of the portrait session of the bride and groom together. I will simply asked the groom to step out of the frame for a few shots so that I can photograph the bride by herself. The back of this bride’s dress was so beautiful that I really wanted to highlight it. In order for the image to have a beautiful sense of movement I simply instructed the bride to face away from me and play with her dress. Giving my clients something to accomplish takes their mind off of the fact that they are being photographed and puts them in a more natural state. That gentle bit of direction resulted in a fantastically natural photograph of a bride against the lush background of the Mallard Island Yacht Club. \

Location: 1450 E Bay Ave, Manahawkin, NJ 08050.

Keywords: Jersey Shore (24), Mallard Estate (24), Manahawkin (24). 1/2000; f/4.0; ISO 320; 75.0 mm.