Wedding Photographers at the Pearl River Hilton
Susan Stripling Photography

Wedding Photographers at the Pearl River Hilton

It is always wonderful when a bride and groom are willing to step outside at sunset for a few additional portraits. I had great time alone with this bride and groom at the Hilton Pearl River for their wedding portraits earlier in the day and was thrilled with what we’d produced during that session. Their cocktail hour and wedding reception were earlier in the evening and the sun was setting during the dinner hour. I asked the bride and groom if they’d mind going outside for a handful of extra images during this golden hour. I love the compression of the bride and groom off of the background and compression of the fountain in the foreground that was achieved by shooting this frame with my 70-200mm f/2.8 Nikon lens. I love the subtle sunset flare and golden light. Most of all I love the sweet moment between the bride and groom.

Location: 500 Veterans Memorial Dr, Pearl River, NY 10965.

Keywords: new york (1392), The Pearl River Hilton (15). 1/5000; f/2.8; ISO 250; 185.0 mm.

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