Wedding Photography at Mallard Yacht Club
Susan Stripling Photography

Wedding Photography at Mallard Yacht Club

Whether or not a bride and groom have opted for a first look before their wedding ceremony I always like to try and steal them away during their cocktail hour for a few additional portraits as a newly married couple. at this wedding at the Mallard Island Yacht Club I was able to have a few moments with the bride and groom before their entrance into cocktail hour. I deliberately chose to position the bride and groom against the dark background of the trees so that the light in the bride’s veil would appear more prominent. I also chose to compose the image deliberately to include the dramatic clouds that were rolling in. I knew that I only had a few moments before the bride and groom exited for their cocktail hour so I had to work quickly. One of the things that I am constantly striving to educate new clients on is my skill with regards to speed and efficiency during the portrait session of the bride and groom. I know that photographs on the wedding day are secondary to the bride and groom actually experiencing their wedding so I try and make the portrait session as effectively effortless as possible. I also understand that most clients are uncomfortable in front of the camera and one of my main goals is to make my clients as relaxed around me as possible. I find that this translates into much more natural looking photographs of the bride and groom together and much happier clients on the day of the wedding!

Location: 1450 E Bay Ave, Manahawkin, NJ 08050.

Keywords: Jersey Shore (24), Mallard Estate (24), Manahawkin (24). 1/4000; f/4.0; ISO 320; 70.0 mm.