Wedding Photography at the Onteora Mountain House
Susan Stripling Photography

Wedding Photography at the Onteora Mountain House

Sometimes I find out the most interesting things while doing research for an upcoming wedding. If it’s at a venue I’ve never photographed before I always do an extensive search on the space, familiarizing myself with it as best I can before I walk onto the property on the wedding day. For my first outing in 2013 at the Onteora Mountain House in Boiceville, New York, I learned something I didn’t expect to learn! The charming Catskills Mountain bed and breakfast resort had actually been built by the king of the mayonnaise world, Richard Hellmann. Built near Woodstock, the gorgeous Onteora Mountain House overlooks Esopus Valley and boasts a forty-foot porch for dining, multiple bedrooms in the great house, a massive Great Room, and more. It’s a wonderful, quiet retreat for a wedding and reception. This wedding reception took place in the huge pavilion near the Great House. I love this image, taken at the wedding reception during the bouquet toss. A bouquet toss can be difficult to photograph, moving quickly and full of so many split-second actions and reactions. I chose to photograph this scene with my Nikon 28mm lens, knowing that it’s wide-angle focal length would be perfect for the scenario in front of me. My assistant lit the image with an off-camera flash, giving the final photo depth and dimension.

Location: 96 Piney Point Rd, Boiceville, NY 12412.

Keywords: Boiceville (6), Onteora Mountain House (6). 1/500; f/4.0; ISO 5000; 28.0 mm.

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