Winterthur Museum Wedding Photographer
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Winterthur Museum Wedding Photographer

Do you know how bridesmaids came to be? The tradition is thought to have come from Roman Law, where weddings had to have ten witnesses in order to outmaneuver evil spirits that were long believed to be in attendance at wedding ceremonies. The witnesses dressed similarly to the bride and groom so that the evil spirits would not be able to distinguish the bride and groom from the rest of the crowd. Some reference the Biblical story of Jacob as the origin of "bridesmaids", citing how Leah and Rachel came with servants to the wedding ceremony who were meant to attend to them. While modern day bridesmaids are absolutely not servants nor are they dressed just like the bride, it’s a tradition with a long history. These bridesmaids at this 2013 Hotel duPont wedding traveled with us to Gibraltar Gardens and the Marian Coffin Gardens for some formal portraits. I love this image of the bridesmaids with the bride. We were setting up a formal portrait and they stepped in to help fluff her dress and veil. I love the light, the setting, and the super sweet moment. I chose to process this image in black and white to focus solely on the moment, the light, and the juxtaposition of the soft veil against the sharp trees in the background.

Location: 1405 Greenhill Ave, Wilmington, DE 19806.

Keywords: Hotel DuPont (21), Wilmington (21), Winterthur (9). 1/640; f/6.3; ISO 200; 120.0 mm.

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