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Weylin Wedding Brooklyn

Without a doubt the most delicious of all wedding details is the wedding cake.

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With so many options for custom cakes nowadays it’s always a treat (no pun intended) to see what confectionary creation the wedding couple’s chosen baker will come up with.

While photographing the details of the wedding reception space I always try to take an environmental portrait of the wedding cake itself. At this reception at the Weylin in Brooklyn, the cake on display was a perfectly simple white creation with white roses on top. However, the space wasn't just about the cake - the magnificent decorator had also filled the area with candles.

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When photographing a detail like a cake, I always try to show the surrounding areas as well. It's about more than just a cake, it's about how it felt to be in your reception room, in that place, at that time. It's important to show the environment and not just the baked goods!

Location: 175 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Keywords: New Haven (2), New Haven Lawn Club, weylin. Filename: 614_091710_Principe_Wedding.jpg. 1/100; f/4.0; ISO 4000; 95.0 mm.

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