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Epson Finish Strong

I have been patiently waiting for this Epson Finish Strong ad to be published so that I could share.  I just saw it in both the PPA magazine and Shutterbug so…

I am so deeply, incredibly, humbly honored to have been featured in an ad for Epson. That’s me, on the left, clinging precariously with my best yoga strength, to a bridge in Venice, California. Below are our charming models, trying to not float too far afield. Above me is the powerhouse talent of Joe McNally, taking the aerial shot. All around us are the incredible people from Joe’s team, Epson America, and M&C Saatchi.

I remember seeing these Epson Finish Strong ads before, but never knew the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating the finished product.

Thank you, Epson, for the opportunity. I am more grateful than you will ever know.

Epson Finish Strong

Carol Hannah : The 2014 LookBook

In 2009 I stumbled across a show called Project Runway. It was the sixth season of the show and I was immediately hooked. Every week I faithfully came back to watch, whether they were reconstructing wedding gowns or creating new stage outfits for Christina Aguilera. It was fascinating to watch the designers grapple with each challenge and my favorite quickly emerged as a young self-taught designer from South Carolina named Carol Hannah Whitfield. Her work was fresh, charming, and deceptively intricate. I remember thinking “That woman should design wedding dresses.”

Carol Hannah Whitfield
In 2010 Ms. Whitfield began doing precisely that, creating luminously beautiful wedding gowns from her studio in New York
Carol Hannah Project Runway
It was an honor to photograph her 2014 LookBook at Studios LIC this fall.
Carol Hannah Wedding Dresses
As splendid and kind as she is talented, Carol Hannah and her team were beyond incredible to work with and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with them again!
Carol Hannah Whitfield Dress
Studios LIC was a wonderful place to work and while I can’t wait for my own studio to be ready this workspace felt like home!
Carol Hannah Dress
I worked to capture not just the dresses but the behind-the-scenes action. Carol Hannah and her team worked diligently on every setup to perfect the final look.
Carol Hannah Wedding Gown
Not a single detail was left to chance.
Le Soleil Carol Hannah
The shoulder of the Le Soleil dress was just stunning, as was the swooping back of the Le Lumiere gown.
Carol Hannah Downtown Dress
Carol Hannah’s dresses are works of art and the fabrics she chooses are so delicate and luscious. I love how the skirts of these two gowns moved.
Le Lumiere Dress Carol Hannah
The detailing on the Le Soliel is perfect.
Fortuna Carol Hannah
The Fortuna gown is a real showstopper.
Kristina Velkova
Our model, Kristina, was absolutely tireless for the entire session.
Carol Hannah Fashion Week
It was great to be able to bring my skills as a documentary photographer to such a commercial shoot.
De Marseille Carol Hannah
Isn’t the leather on the De Marseille dress incredible?
Alliette Bustier Carol Hannah
The Alliette Bustier and La Reine Skirt were perfect together.