One of the biggest questions I get asked from prospective wedding clients is Do you work with a second photographer? and Do I need a second shooter?

Many clients have questions about how multiple angles can be covered with just one photographer – don’t you need two for that?  What about a first look?  A reception?  The processional during a wedding ceremony?

It’s a fervent desire of mine that my wedding photography clients be fully equipped with all the knowledge I can possibly give them regarding all aspects of their day.  I’m here for them always, whether they have a question about reception lighting or what time hair and makeup need to be completed before the ceremony.

For this reason, I’ve written an article to help with that Do I need a second shooter? question.  You can find it by clicking here!

Do I need a second shooter?

I love talking to my wedding clients about their needs and answering their questions. One of those questions is usually “How do you capture a ceremony and get both the action and reaction?” These two images, taken a second apart, show how I can capture both someone coming down the aisle and the reaction of the person waiting!

Do I need a second shooter for my wedding photography?

This is another great example of a situation on the wedding day where many wonder if they need a second photographer. How can one photographer capture the action and reaction of the toasts? These two images, taken mere seconds apart, and both taken by myself, are a good example of how!

If you’re getting married and have questions about whether or not you need a second photographer for your wedding day coverage, drop me an email and let’s talk!  I highly suggest checking out this article, and reading through the rest of the articles on my website.  There is a wealth of information there that I hope you find helpful as you plan your day!

I hope to chat with you soon!